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When we think of design in the traditional sense—color, layout, etc.—what is perceived as beautiful by one individual could be ugly to another. However, the science of it all, what we now call user experience, is very literal. It works or it doesn't. It's easy to understand or it's difficult.

The experience matters. Let's build you a good one!

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How Do I Build Impactful Experiences?

Creative Leadership

My unique position in executive management allows me the ability to reinforce the value of design in everything from the sales process, to company branding, to user experience—all through an educational approach. Hey, if you're not learning, you're not growing, right?

Design Strategy

Your creative style should reflect your company’s core principles. I create custom strategies which include communication, design, experience, interface—you name it—all to ensure every company is consistently represented with the same values as the services they sell.

Hands-on Contribution

Sometimes ya gotta get your hands dirty (and I love that part). I'll jump into every area of design—product, print, advertising, website—including front-end development, photography, prototyping, wireframing…I can jump into whatever it takes to help you bring your company vision to life.


Currently, I'm a VP of Product Management at UpCity,
a Community-Orientated Online Directory

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...but that's not all I've done.

Image of the MeetApp logo on a business card

Rebranding for a Mobile App Product

2017 Ford GT Photo

Automotive Photography

A photo of Ceralytics UI and sellsheet

UX, UI, and Branding for a Tech Startup


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