Analog Photography,
one of the most challenging yet relaxing hobbies.

I Needed to Photograph Something Real,
so I picked a familiar scene…with a twist.

The analog process is what started my love of photography; a camera, some black and white film, some fiber paper, and a lot of time. I found it all to be extremely relaxing.

Shooting with film is a lot trickier than digital. You have no immediate preview of your work; you have to completely rely on your skill and eye for beauty. I learned how to pick the right type of film for your project goal, what shutter speed was and how to combine it with f-stop settings to get the right depth of field, or the right amount of motion blur. It's quite difficult!

I soon found I had an interest in taking everyday things—and scenes—and twisting them into something different. This series from Belmont Park in 2003 was just that. Parks are so common to us all, but have you ever been to one at night? It's kinda creepy.

My contributions to this project included:

  • Photography
  • Film development
  • Print development
  • No digital retouching—all prints were scanned
The Slide, 2003
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We're Watching, 2003
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Point, 2003
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Data Visualization Product Design

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Branding Guidelines

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