Artistic Photography
Featuring landscapes and objects

I love to Capture Moments,
and focus on what makes them interesting.

I've always had an interest in photography but never had the opportunity to explore it until I went to college. I picked up a retro 1980's Nikon film camera, played around, and found a life-long hobby.

I love to photograph anything, really. Everything (and everyone) is interesting and has an amazing story when you take the right perspective.

My contributions to this project included:

  • Photography
  • Retouching
Analog is Dead, 2007
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Spotlight on Subject, 2013
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The Lone Cypress, 2016
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Select Examples of Strategic Creative Work,
In all shapes and sizes

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Print Advertising

Award-Winning Micro-site/animation

UX, UI, and Branding for a Tech Startup

case study coming soon

Product Rebranding for a Tech Company

case study coming soon

Automotive Photography

Award-winning Video

link coming soon

Portrait Photography

Event Materials

details coming soon

UX & Data Visualization

details coming soon

Artistic Photography

Data Visualization Product Design

case study coming soon

Branding Guidelines

details coming soon

PR Web Refactoring

details coming soon

International Website Merge

case study coming soon

Analog Photography

Direct Response Marketing

Analytical Reports/Data Visualization

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PR Pitching Kits

Product Collateral


details coming soon

HTML Emails

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