Product Sell sheets and General Collateral,
To bring an aging brand into the modern era.

The Cision Brand Had Not Been Touched in Years,
and it still looked like a clipping company.

Cision began it’s life as a media clipping company, helping people learn the impact of their PR and media efforts by clipping mentions from newspapers, magazines, ads, etc., and mailing the clippings to their customers. That all changed when Cision went digital and launched the CisionPoint SaaS platform. That was the last time the Cision brand had been top-of-mind.

The time that had passed since launch was beginning to take it’s toll, so we decided test some updates on client collateral/sell sheets. I redesigned the look and feel of the campaigns in 2014 to create a more modernized aesthetic with the goal of appealing to a larger audience.

My top goals were:

  • Reorganization of information to enhance readability
  • Modernizing typefaces to enhance legibility, and to better tie-in with what we were doing on the web
  • Simplifying and streamlining content for a less-cluttered page, without a loss in product details
  • Remaining within Cision’s loose guidelines (logo use, color use, and whitespace use) to ensure they were still recognizable as Cision materials

My contributions to this project included:

  • Redesign of aging look & feel
  • Hands-on design of individual collateral pieces
  • Content editing
  • Guidelines for future collateral additions
Cision Client Collateral
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Cision Client Collateral
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