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We’re going to do this ‘work history’ thing a little differently. I’m going to start you off at the beginning so you can experience the growth along with me.

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Professional Graphic Designer
Early Years

I began my career working as a graphic designer for various types of companies. I focused strongly on digital design and front-end web development because I wanted to help companies transition into the digital age.

Before landing my first full-time gigs, I've been freelancing since 2002.


Art Director
Advertising Experience

I thought it would be super cool to be one of those super cool kids who work at a super cool ad agency—and it kinda was super cool. I freelanced for a few of them, split my work between print and digital, and put in some long hours. Eventually, I accepted a gig as the first digital Art Director for a food service agency.

I helped stop the outsourcing of digital creative by opening their first in-house digital design and production shop. We saved a ton of cash with that approach.

Web Design Manager
Internal Marketing Experience

Working in advertising was great, but it was time for a change. I decided to accept a marketing position with a SaaS company. There, I led and managed multiple rebranding initiatives, and the combination of 28 international websites into one cohesive design (and the production work to make it happen).


Principal UX Designer
Diving deeper into Technology

Cision’s brand was finally stable and it had merged with Vocus to become the biggest PR software powerhouse (dare I say...) in the world.

After managing international marketing experiences, I wanted to apply what I had learned to the products. I wanted to help Cision dig deeper into the mind of the consumer and really understand how—after we’ve caught their eye with our marketing—we could keep them engaged by creating usable, captivating, and intuitive products.

Sr. Art Director & Product Designer
Making the Leap into…the Financial Sector?

(Yeah, I know…I was surprised, too!) PT was in desperate need of a branding update, and also needed someone who could help them bring new financial products to market. The opportunity to apply all of the skills I had learned throughout my career and formulate a full brand strategy was perfect for me.

I worked closely with industry experts and leaders to help increase collaboration across the firm, and working directly alongside stakeholders to get to the root of problems and creatively solve them is an area in which I excel. Through a fresh & continuous collaboration process, we launched the company’s first customer-facing financial software tool and continued to enhance it every quarter.


VP & Head of User Experience,
Bringing it all together

Working in the financial sector, there's not really much I can talk about (or show) unless it's already public knowledge. However, I can tell you that I led branding and design strategy from a user-centric perspective at every point in the marketing and product life cycle.

By the time of my departure in 2019, Performance Trust had begun prioritizing the customer in everything they did—even in how they re-envisioned their core services.

VP of Product Management,
Continuing the focus on UX-Prioritization

Today, I lead branding, product strategy, research, and UX design from a user-centric perspective. At UpCity, we continuously strive to ensure we are delivering real value to our partners, all while supporting them along their journey with us.

Now, I'd like to thank you for joining me in my journey through memory lane!

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